About Dr Chloe

Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell has a background in Organisational Psychology, having worked for BBC News and BBC Human Resources as an Organisational Learning and Development Consultant for a number of years. This work allowed her to refine her consultancy and coaching skills and took her into Trauma Specific De-briefing procedures, where she was trained by the MOD to assess PTSD risk for employees who were working in a hostile environment.

It was this OD work which inspired Chloe to pursue a Doctorate Qualification in Counselling Psychology, which she achieved at Regents University in London. Her doctoral dissertation was focused on Trauma and Grief and she has continued to publish work in this field.

As a Counselling Psychologist, Dr Chloe is a visiting Senior Lecturer for a number of Doctoral Programs and she enjoys supervising Doctoral Research Projects – as such supporting and expanding on current thinking in the field of Mental Health. A number of Dr Chloe’s students have successfully published their work, under her guidance.

Dr Chloe is a BPS trained Clinical Supervisor and offers clinical supervision to a number of Counselling Psychologists and Psychotherapists who are interested in working integratively and humanistically.

Most recently, Dr Chloe has been involved in expanding her knowledge in Digital Mental Health and has established herself as an emerging expert in this field.

Designing and Delivering Digital Mental Health 

Dr Chloe is an innovator in Digital Mental Health technology and is an expert clinician for the Minds for Life group in London.

Dr Chloe is the clinical lead for the Overcoming Grief app available soon through the APP Store, Google Play and at http://www.mindsforlife.com.

Her experience and knowledge in this field has informed the content of this app and what she has learned and teaches is included in the recovery program. Dr Chloe worked with Minds for Life to deliver this innovative digital grief recovery program to help people overcome grief and enjoys working with experts across the field to expand her knowledge on what recovery means and how digital technologies can support mental health.



  • Graduate Basis for Registration from the British Psychological Society (BPS) in September 1997
  • BPS Chartered Counselling Psychologist, with a Doctorate Qualification in May 2010
  • Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society in June 2016
  • Health Care Professions Council Registered Practitioner (Counselling Psychologist) in June 2010
  • BPS Certified Psychologist Supervisor in June 2016
  • BBC and Ministry of Defence Approved tRim qualification 2001
  • Associate Member of the Society for Existential Analysis 2001


Paidoussis- Mitchell (2012): “The phenomenology of Traumatic Bereavement”Vol, 24.1, Jan 2012 of The International Journal of Existential Analysis.

Iacovou & C. Paidoussis-Mitchell (2017): “The impact of active service on the intimate relationships of British Royal Naval Veterans of the Falklands War”, Vol. 28.2, July 2017, of The International Journal of Existential Analysis

Paidoussis Mitchell (2017): “An Existential view on Traumatic Bereavement: The Four Worlds Model”, in Case Studies in Existential Therapy: Translating theory into practice, Edited by Prof Simon Du Plock, PCCS Books, London

Editorial Work

Dr Chloe reviews papers for the following journals:

  • Counselling Psychology Review
  • International Journal of Existential Analysi

Academic Posts Held 

Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell enjoys delivering lectures and workshops in the field of Trauma, Loss & Grief and does so regularly. She has taught on Doctoral, Post Graduate and Undergraduate Psychology programs in London and is passionate about Existential Psychology and Counselling.

She is currently a Visiting Senior Lecturer for the Counselling Psychology Program of the Existential Academy, in London. This program is validated by Middlesex University.

Regents University: School and Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology             Director of Studies (Jan 2010 – Dec 2016)

Existential Academy, New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC)                                                                          Course Leader and Lecturer in Counselling Psychology and Coaching (Nov 2012 – Oct 2014)

The Minster Centre, London: Visiting Lecturer in Qualitative Research                              (October 2011- July 2015)

University of East London: Lecturer in Counselling Psychology                                                                                                         (Sept 2012- April 2013)