About Dr Chloe

Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell is passionate about raising awareness and improving understanding of Mental Health issues across the world today. She is dedicated to “doing her bit” to reduce human suffering in all work she undertakes.

Dr Chloe hopes that her life’s work will help to expand the current views on Mental Health. Based on her clinical experience, and training she believes that Mental Health Approaches would be significantly improved if they included in their treatment plans an appreciation of the significance of nourishing psychological need alongside physical and social needs. The current emphasis on medicating for psychological distress falls short and many people are left feeling exposed, broken and unsure of where to go for help. 

Dr Chloe’s view is that the epidemic proportions of Depression, Anxiety and Suicide suggests that more needs to be done to recognise the human experience of Mental Health. Human beings can be healed of Depression and Anxiety when they find a way to like themselves, and start nourishing their personal dimension alongside their physical, social and spiritual. Dr Chloe’s approach is holistic in this way and centred on exploring and experiencing meaning.   

Designing and Delivering Digital Mental Health 

Alongside her clinical practice, Dr Chloe is an innovator in Digital Mental Health technology and is an expert clinician for the Minds for Life group in London.

Dr Chloe is the clinical lead for the Overcoming Grief app available soon through the APP Store, Google Play and at http://www.mindsforlife.com.

Her experience and knowledge in this field has informed the content of this app and what she has learned and teaches is included in the recovery program. Dr Chloe worked with Minds for Life to deliver this innovative digital grief recovery program to help people overcome grief and enjoys working with experts across the field to expand her knowledge on what recovery means and how digital technologies can support mental health.

Organisational Psychology & Organisational Development Experience

Before becoming a Chartered Counselling Psychologist Dr Chloe worked for BBC News (2000-2006) as a Organisational Consultant tasked with delivering a number of high value HR projects. One of her key roles alongside her executive coaching role was to deliver Professional Coaching to News Staff who were working in Hostile Environments. This  inspired her to expand her clinical understanding of Trauma and Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell was one of the first people to be trained by the BBC and the MOD in the Trauma Debriefing Processes (TRIM) and has been involved in delivering recovery programs for her private clients ever since.

During her work for the BBC Chloe was appointed as the Principal Organisational Development Consultant on a World Service Trust project in Sri Lanka, where she was tasked with travelling to the war zone to meet journalists from across all waring factions and religions, to assess their journalistic bias and design a training program to help them publish newspaper articles which would help to promote the recently signed peace treaty.

As a professional Chloe has thousands of hours delivering expert and insightful counselling and solution focused coaching to people struggling with life traumas.

Her belief is that trauma does not have to be catastrophic. With care and recovery support, traumatised people can adapt to life’s new normal, and expand their psychological resilience and growth.

People have the capacity to imbue their life with meaning and hope, even in the most adverse of circumstances.

Professional Qualifications

  • Graduate Basis for Registration from the British Psychological Society (BPS) in September 1997
  • BPS Chartered Counselling Psychologist, with a Doctorate Qualification in May 2010
  • Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society in June 2016
  • Health Care Professions Council Registered Practitioner (Counselling Psychologist) in June 2010
  • BPS Certified Psychologist Supervisor in June 2016
  • BBC and Ministry of Defence Approved tRim qualification 2001
  • Associate Member of the Society for Existential Analysis 2001


Paidoussis- Mitchell (2012): “The phenomenology of Traumatic Bereavement”Vol, 24.1, Jan 2012 of The International Journal of Existential Analysis.

Iacovou & C. Paidoussis-Mitchell (2017): “The impact of active service on the intimate relationships of British Royal Naval Veterans of the Falklands War”, Vol. 28.2, July 2017, of The International Journal of Existential Analysis

Paidoussis Mitchell (2017): “An Existential view on Traumatic Bereavement: The Four Worlds Model”, in Case Studies in Existential Therapy: Translating theory into practice, Edited by Prof Simon Du Plock, PCCS Books, London

Editorial Work

Dr Chloe reviews papers for the following journals:

  • Counselling Psychology Review
  • International Journal of Existential Analysi

Academic Posts Held 

Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell enjoys delivering lectures and workshops in the field of Trauma, Loss & Grief and does so regularly. She has taught on Doctoral, Post Graduate and Undergraduate Psychology programs in London and is passionate about Existential Psychology and Counselling.

She is currently a Visiting Senior Lecturer for the Counselling Psychology Program of the Existential Academy, in London. This program is validated by Middlesex University.

Regents University: School and Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology             Director of Studies (Jan 2010 – Dec 2016)

Existential Academy, New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC)                                                                          Course Leader and Lecturer in Counselling Psychology and Coaching (Nov 2012 – Oct 2014)

The Minster Centre, London: Visiting Lecturer in Qualitative Research                              (October 2011- July 2015)

University of East London: Lecturer in Counselling Psychology                                                                                                         (Sept 2012- April 2013)

Doctoral Research Posts

Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell is the Primary Doctoral Supervisor for a number of candidates researching the Psychological Impact of Trauma. She has a particular interest in phenomenological research and often acts as a Doctoral Examiner for a number of Doctoral Candidates.

She has supervised to successful completion a multitude of Doctoral Research Dissertations, all qualitative and phenomenological in their approach. Some of the areas she has researched are in Trauma, Traumatic Grief, Complicated Grief, Difficulties of becoming Mother in the Care System, Existential Counselling for Cancer Patients in the NHS, Focusing and Existential Psychotherapy for bilinguals, Personal Relationship Difficulties for Veteran from the UK forces,