Dr Chloe’s Therapy

Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell is a leading Grief and Trauma Counselling Psychologist working in the UK today.  

She has an expansive and deep understanding of the psychological impact of Grief,  Trauma and Loss and has 17 years experience of helping clients overcome Grief, Trauma, Major Depression, Acute Anxieties, Complicated Bereavements and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

She works in her private practice in East Sussex and has a global reach with international clients all over the world who connect with her via video call.

Dr Chloe’s Approach 

Coping with traumatic life events and grief is a deeply personal experience. Recovery is about adaptation and discovery.

Dr Chloe helps all her clients overcome psychological pain, distress and despair by discovering who they are and helps them examine how they can carry on living in the face of traumatic and distressing life events. The way she does this is by establishing a safe, non-judgemental therapeutic relationship where the client can engage in a reflective exploration of what their life has been like for them.

Dr Chloe’s approach is based on the premise that human beings are free to choose how to make life meaningful and fulfilling, even in the most adverse and distressing circumstances. She is inspired by Viktor Frankl and Dr Edith Eger and was trained in the Existential Phenomenological approach by Ernesto Spinelli and is now an established senior lecturer in Emmy van Deurzen’s Existential Academy in London.

Her deeply held belief is that people have the potential to heal themselves if they learn how to exist meaningfully in time again.The point of therapy is to allow clients to grieve loss and trauma so they can stop reliving it and dismantle the shackles of their past. 

Dr Chloe works with couples, individuals, families and groups in long or short term therapy contracts, depending on the individual presenting issues and psychological needs.




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