The Wellbeing Program

Dr Chloe has years of experience in Coaching and Counselling and is keen to work with people who would like to engage with her on her Wellbeing Program.

This is a 4 month program, which involves attending 2 sessions a month, for an hour each time to identify ways to re-energise you, resiliently invest in your wellbeing and support your mental and psychological growth.

This is a well thought out Coaching Program which will help you discover what happiness is to you and will revitalise your energy for the future. It is about discovering where your positive energy resources come from and what purposefully nourishes you in the here and now.

Dr Chloe will use her Coaching & Counselling skills to help you dig a little deeper (or as deep as you are willing to) to unearth blocks to

(a) Your relationship with your self – what is it like for you to be you?

(b) Your physical wellbeing – how do you look after your body?

(c) Your social wellbeing – how do you pursue, maintain and nourish meaningful relationships?

(d) Your spiritual Wellbeing – how do you make time for that which gives you propose and meaning

At the end of each session you will have a realistic and achievable goal to help you feel positive, resilient and confident about you!

The cost of this is £960 in total and the option to pay for it in instalments is available.

If you are interested in doing this with Chloe, please contact her directly on 07764 993885.

She will be delighted to hear from you!