Wellbeing Sessions

Dr Chloe has years of experience of working with people of all ages from adolescents to elderly, to help them address their wellbeing issues.

For some therapy is too heavy and not quite appropriate. Dr Chloe therefore offers an alternative: “lighter” sessions, focused on addressing Wellbeing.

This is an innovative self-development program that marries up the disciplines of Psychology, Nutrition, Health, Neuroscience and Spirituality to educate the client on Wellbeing 360 and on how to navigate life with wellbeing in Mind, Body and Soul.

Dr Chloe offers this expansive and innovative program to help you nurture and develop mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and use this new found insight as a compass both for the dilemmas faced in the here and now and for the future.

The philosophical underpinning of her approach is that trauma, mental health difficulties and pain are all difficult to navigate but with the appropriate reflective attitude do not have to be catastrophic. Experience like that can, in fact be, a springboard for growth, development and peak performance.

During these sessions, you will be be taken on a reflective journey discovering how your attitudes, fixed mindset perspectives, underlying unconscious beliefs and subsequent behaviors impact your wellbeing 360.

When you have completed these sessions, you will have a meaningful compass to help you grow in the here and now, having resolved some of the traumas of the past and embracing the future authentically and meaningfully.


The program is tailored to the needs of each person.