Thriving through trauma #mental health

It’s difficult to know how to handle the daily reminder that horrific, traumatic events happen across the globe every day. The older I get the more connected I feel with life’s unpredictability. In some ways all of us are always living with uncertainty, but it seems that political unrest, regular terror attacks and increasing mental health distress is really bringing this uncertainty to the forefront of my mind.

As a Psychologist working in Grief and Trauma, I am always impressed with the inner strength my clients find to rise again when floored by life.  The therapeutic relationship and encounter helps with that, but what I am left with is a humbling sense that human beings – with a little bit of guidance and support – can deepen their inner resilience and make life meaningful and purposeful in the face of traumatic life events.

In the spirit of sharing a fantastic tool kit and to spread knowledge, I am delighted to recommend this book by Sian Williams, to which I contributed a little. My bit offers a psychological understanding of how grief impacts us. It’s rare to find a book about trauma which is both accessible and informative. Sian’s easy accessible style and her refreshing candour make this a good read. I would recommend it to anyone facing periods of uncertainty. You are not alone!


Published by

Dr Chloe

Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell is a grief and trauma psychologist working in the UK today, an innovator in digital mental health technologies. She teaches, writes, supervises and works with clients form all over the world to help them adjust to traumatic life events. Most recently she was appointed as the clinical lead for the Minds for Life "Overcoming Grief" app and has developed strong expertise in delivering digital mental health apps.

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