Don’t go through Trauma alone

When a traumatic event happens, what you may want to naturally do is make your world smaller, safer, predictable. Its ok to rely on a good network of support. Keep those who matter to you, those who care, close by. Bring them in. Lean on them. They may not be able to stop you feeling what you feel but they can be there to hold you and care for you. They can listen and you must talk about it.

Bottling it up, pushing it down, silencing it with bravado and stiff upper lip attitude wont be good for you in the long run. It will come out in other ways.

If you are coping with a trauma and not sure how to get the conversations started it really helps to go for a long walk on a favourite path, or beach or park and just talk. Walk and talk. Don’t focus on explaining or defending yourself. Be kind to yourself and validate your own experience. You matter. Your pain matters.

Engaging with nature and the wonder of it is a good buffer to grief, and a good antidote to feeling insignificant and meaningless.

Don’t isolate yourself. You matter. Get in touch and talk about it.

Published by

Dr Chloe

Dr Chloe Paidoussis Mitchell is a grief and trauma psychologist working in the UK today, an innovator in digital mental health technologies. She teaches, writes, supervises and works with clients form all over the world to help them adjust to traumatic life events. Most recently she was appointed as the clinical lead for the Minds for Life "Overcoming Grief" app and has developed strong expertise in delivering digital mental health apps.

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